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Breathing Exercise for Kids

  * Benefits of breathing exercise for kids* 🌻Relaxation 🌻Better sleep 🌻Self-awareness 🌻Emotional regulation  👉Here are some ideas of breathing exercise that parents can practice at home with kids on a daily basis. 👉 Mindful breathing  👉 Belly breathing 👉 Bumble bee breathing  * Keep certain precautions in mind when practicing with kids * 👉Create a comfortable environment. 👉Encourage kids to listen to their body and respect their own comfort level 👉Pay attention to your kid if breathing exercise cause discomfort. Ask him to stop or modify the practice as needed.

Ayurveda guideline for drinking water

 *Ayurveda🍀 guideline for drinking water with the respect of food* 👉Avoid drinking water 💧 immediately before food(it decreases digestive fire🔥) 👉avoid drinking water immediately after food (it causes obesity) 👉ideally, sipping the room temperature water with a meal is allowed .this way, food gets moisture, and it helps for easy digestion . Have a happy summer ☀️