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Ayurvedic Skin Brushing (Gharshana)

Ayurvedic Skin Brushing (Gharshan) Dry brushing is a traditional ayurvedic practice called gharshan . Dry brushing is a massage technique where you apply a dry brush to your skin and create friction by rubbing. A s per classical texts of Ayurveda, Udvartana (dry powder massage) is a similar and more practiced therapy than Gharshana. It's another one of the Dinacharya (daily routine) practices recommended within Ayurveda. Dry brushing is a simpler version of Udvartana, For those who find Udvartana too elaborate, Gharshana, or dry brushing, is a simpler and less time-consuming alternative to incorporate a similar technique  to detoxify into your daily routine. Benefits of dry brushing (The friction caused by dry brushing) Stimulates lymphatic system. Help to remove ama (toxin) from the body. Removes dead cells from skin. Stimulate Kapha in the body and encourage movement and drainage of excess mucus. It promotes weight loss. Beautifying and reducing scars and lines if practiced aft