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All about pitta constitution

All about pitta constitution (Pitta body type or pitta dosha predominate ) The following guidelines are to help For pitta body type people For those who have pitta dosha imbalance In pitta season means in summer months when the weather is hot. Environment heat aggravates pitta dosha so it's important to cool your system. If people don't follow the summer seasonal regime, pitta dosha starts to accumulate and it becomes aggravated in the fall season. Sign of pitta imbalance –  Extreme sensitivity to heat Inflammation  Eye problem such as conjunctivitis, bloodshot eyes Burning sensation, acidity, heartburn, peptic ulcer, GERD Dehydration and excessive hunger, dizziness Loose bowel movement is also common such as diarrhoea Frequent bacterial infection Premature graying or balding Frequent skin rashes and inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, boils Bleeding tendency such as nosebleed, heavy periods Yellow discoloration of the eyes, skin, nails Headaches and migraine Anger, a

Prakriti or constitutions in Ayurveda

Prakriti (mind and body type or dosha, according to Ayurveda) Ayurveda describes a unique concept of Prakriti (constitutions) and Vikruti.   At the time of birth, every person has a unique combination of three Doshas(Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in body and mind, it is called Prakriti (constitution). Like if any person has Vata Dosha dominance since birth that is called Vata Prakriti or Vata body type.  A person's constitution does not usually change throughout a lifetime. As conditions changes in life, like diet, lifestyle, stress, etc. many factors can cause imbalance to your Prakriti its called Vikruti. so we can say Vikruti means current states of Doshas or diseased state of an individual. Ayurveda believed that some factor influencing the Prakriti Time of conception season Health Condition of the uterus Condition of sperm and ovum Dietary habit and lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy Types of Prakriti - Sharirik (physical constitution):- Ayurveda described seven typed of body