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Prakriti or constitutions in Ayurveda

Prakriti (mind and body type or dosha, according to Ayurveda)

  • Ayurveda describes a unique concept of Prakriti (constitutions) and Vikruti.  
  • At the time of birth, every person has a unique combination of three Doshas(Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in body and mind, it is called Prakriti (constitution).
  • Like if any person has Vata Dosha dominance since birth that is called Vata Prakriti or Vata body type. 
  • A person's constitution does not usually change throughout a lifetime. As conditions changes in life, like diet, lifestyle, stress, etc. many factors can cause imbalance to your Prakriti its called Vikruti. so we can say Vikruti means current states of Doshas or diseased state of an individual.
Ayurveda believed that some factor influencing the Prakriti
  • Time of conception season
  • Health Condition of the uterus
  • Condition of sperm and ovum
  • Dietary habit and lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy
Types of Prakriti -
  • Sharirik (physical constitution):- Ayurveda described seven typed of body types constitutions Each Prakriti has its own characteristics
    1. Vataj
    2. Pittaj
    3. Kaphaj
    4. Vata -pitta
    5. pitta -Kaphaj
    6. vataj -kaphaj
    7. tridoshaj-vataj, pittaj, kaphaj
  • Manasik( mental constitution)
    • saatvik Prakriti-satvik person is very spiritual and truthful
    • rajasik Prakriti-this is the dosha of mind which lead a person to take action, work
    • tamasik this is also a dosha of mind which drive a person lethargy
The relation between Prakriti and lifestyle
  • According to Ayurveda, the key to health lies in the knowledge of our constitution (Prakriti).ayurveda explain very well how to balance Prakriti through diet and lifestyle 
  • the ayurvedic system provides details of the right food and drinks for each constitution, whether they should be cold or hot , raw or cooked, which taste they should have , which is the best time to wake up, and when to go bed. 
  • if we don't follow or live according the need of our constitutions Prakriti ,doshas will become unbalanced and lead to ill health vikrati 
For Example
  • Kapha Prakriti people more prone to obesity and Hyperlipidemia, if you have Kapha Prakriti you should avoid sweets, sour salty taste, and avoid day sleeping, and need to practice more regular yoga for balancing kaph.
  • Vataj Prakriti people more prone to stress, depression so if you have Vata Prakriti you should favor a diet and lifestyle which balance your Vata dosha like sweet, oily food, does light yoga
  •   It is important  to  know your mind-body type or Prakriti ,after that  you will be able to figure out what kind of diet and lifestyle perfect for you.
Here is an Ayurveda test to determine  your body type-
how to take the quiz
  • Each question has three choices
  • The first answer is for vata dosha,second is for pitta dosha, third is for kapha dosha 
  • After finishing questionnaire ,add up the tick  numbers,if the majority of your answers is Vata means your primary Prakriti is vata .If the majority of your answers pitta means your primary prakriti is pitta.
  • For Prakriti (natural state of your body) choose the answer which is most applicable to you since childhood.
  • For Vikrati (current state of your dosha)-Go through again the question  and answer  based on current experience or last one month.
  • If Prakriti (state of dosha, when we born) is the difference from Vikruti (current state of dosha). it indicates the imbalance, it can lead us to disease and lifestyle disorder.

Physical Constitution(bodily structure and appearance) 
Body framethin body frame,  not too muscularaverage build and size, weight centered in the middlebig tall, well built, maybe overweight
Forehead, shoulder, and chestSmallMediumlarge, broad shoulder
Weightlight, difficulties in gaining weight,loses weight easilymedium, no difficulties in gaining or losing weightheavy, overweight difficulties in losing weight,gain weight easily
skin texture and complexionrough and dry,flaky, cool to touch, thin,easily tans, prominent veinssmooth and warm, oily, may have  freckles or moles, prone to sunburnthick and moist/greasy,
cool, hardly tans
soft and smooth
Hairdry, brown or black, brittle and curly/frizzyearly graying /balding, soft, straight and fine, blonde, oilythick and heavy tends to get greasy(oily)
Eyessmall and dry, active, blink a lotbright ,sensitive ,sharp, reddish scleraelarge and moist, white sclerae
Lipsthin and drypink and softfull moist, big and thick
Teethcrooked, irregular with receding gumsyellowish, regular, medium, gums easily bleedlarge, white, and straight, strong gums
Fingers & Nailssmall and long fingers with chipped nails( like to bite nails )Regular fingers with pink and soft nails, well-shapedWide, angular fingers with large and hard nails
Jointscold, crackingmoderatelarge and lubricated
heartbeat per minutes70-9060-7050-60
Pulsesquick and irregularwarm and fast,jump like a frogslow and deep ,glide like a swan
body temperaturefeels colder than other cold feet and handsfeels hotter than others; palms, feet, and face warm or hotnormal, palms and feet cool
Appetite irregular, variablestrong, cannot skip meals and will have to eat again after 3 or 4 hoursconstant but can skip meals easily and tolerate hunger
Thirstvariableexcessiverare can tolerate
digestionirregular, forms of gas quickquick, cause burning prolonged, form mucous
liking towards to taste sweet, sour, saltysweet ,bitter,astringentpungent ,astringent ,bitter
eating habiteats quicklymoderate speed,eat frequentlychews food properly
eat large amount but can go for long period
Elimination(bowel movement )Constipationlooseheavy,large stool
perspirationscanty with little odorintense during physical activities or when it gets hot, sharp smellconstant and moderate, pleasant smell
sleepa light sleeper awakes easily and may have difficulties falling asleep, sleep 5-6 hours sleepdeep and even, hardly needs 6 to 8 hours sleepthe long and sound sleeper has difficulties awakening even after long hours of sleep
dreamsfearful, flying,, restless, prone to nightmaresanger, fighting,sun  passionate, and colorfulriver, sentimental, romantic, watery
walkfast with a light stepaverage speed, determining stepslow and steady step
weatherprefers warm climates, dislikes windy dry, and cold daysprefers cooler climates,
loves winter, dislikes heat
comfortable in most weather but can't stand cold and rainy days
Mental Constitution temperamentlively and enthusiastic,likes to change purposeful, likes to convinceeasy-going and accepting likes to support
social behaviorindependent but insecure, nervous in new situationsoutgoing, leader naturegood listener, lots of friends
negative traitsuncertain and jumpyfurious and bossygreedy and possessive
emotions under stressanxious and worried
talks about their feeling
irritable and aggressive
keep feeling to themselves
cool and calm,loyal ,stable
memorygood short term,quick to grasp,quick to forgetmoderate, remember easily and forgets rather slowlyexcellent memory hardly forgets anything
 way of learning learns through listening,enjoy doing lots of thing at once,can lose focuslearn through reading /visualing,focus discriminating finish what they startgrasping late but ultimately understand well
never forgets
lovefalls in and out of love easilyintense, passionate love affairslong term relationships full of affection and love
creativitydistinct and detailed ideas in many areasinventive in technicalcreative when dealing with business things
decisionsmaking decisions often feels like a problematic and difficult processmakes decisions quickly and determinedtake their time to think things through
interests or hobbieslove to traveling, dancing, artssports,keeping fit  debating,  politics,business adventure,relaxing ,staying at home , food, literature
finances (spending habit)spends easily, doesn't save muchspends money on certain chosen things, luxury calculate their expenditure wiselysaves money, spends freely on food and entertainment
activityhyperactive, restlessactive, love exercise and competitionlethargic
sexchangable,extreme or none at allpassionate and can be controllingconstant and steady desire
beliefsrebellious, changingdetermined, strong principlespermanent doesn't change easily
lifestylefree and difficult to create habits and routine( eating, sleeping, etc.)well planned and organizedregular, enjoy habits, but sometimes gets into a rut easily
vocal qualities talkvery talkativetalkative, good at argumentsslow, steady
voicespeak quickly, hoarse and crackingloud and sharp if pitta people whisper can be clearly heardpleasant, speak cautiously


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