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Fig and Nutritional Facts

Ayurvedic and nutritional fact about fig (Anjeer) Synonyms-Figs are called Anjeer or Gular, Udumber. Anjeer has such wonderful medicinal benefits with such a high nutritional value. Ayurvedic fact about figs Udumbero himo rukshyoguru pittakaphasrijit Madhurstuvero varnyo vranshodhanropan The ayurvedic properties Taste- sweet and astringent Qualities-heavy, hard to digest, and dryness  After digestion taste transformation(Vipak)  - pungent  Potency(Veerya) -Coolant Role of figs in our diet Vranashodhana -Cleanse and disinfection wounds, promote healing of the wound. Varnya- Promote healthy skin. Pittakaphasrjitam -Figs are very good for pitta and Kapha dosha balancing, good for a bleeding disorder Medicinal use of figs  Being astringent herbs it has a blocking effect, so figs work well in diarrhea, heavy periods, excess white discharge( leucorrhoea) Figs are very good to treat bleeding disorder such as nasal bleeding, menorrhagia, rectal bleeding Figs are good to balance pitta dosha,