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Ayurvedic Drink for Summers

Ayurvedic drink for summer A few ayurvedic drinks help you to keep the body cool. Best choose foods and drinks that have a sweet, bitter, and astringent taste Mango milkshake with ripe mango Ayurvedic properties of mango Taste - Sweet and slight astringent Potency - Coolant Properties - Slightly heavy to digest Although Ayurveda explains that milk with any fruit is contraindicated but a sweet ripe mango can be combined with milk. Watermelon mint juice Ayurvedic properties of watermelon Taste - sweet Potency - cold Increase nutrition. Balance for pitta dosha Relieves burning sensation Watermelon is cooling and nutritional fruit Watermelon Mint Juice Recipe Ingredients  Watermelon Lime juice Mint leaves Place everything in a blender and blend until smooth Coconut water It is also sweet in taste and has a cooling effect on the body Lemonade According to Ayurveda Lemons have a sour taste and hot in potency but it is good for relieving excessive thirst and improve digestion so if you are