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Ayurvedic Drink for Summers

Ayurvedic drink for summer A few ayurvedic drinks help you to keep the body cool. Best choose foods and drinks that have a sweet, bitter, and astringent taste Mango milkshake with ripe mango Ayurvedic properties of mango Taste - Sweet and slight astringent Potency - Coolant Properties - Slightly heavy to digest Although Ayurveda explains that milk with any fruit is contraindicated but a sweet ripe mango can be combined with milk. Watermelon mint juice Ayurvedic properties of watermelon Taste - sweet Potency - cold Increase nutrition. Balance for pitta dosha Relieves burning sensation Watermelon is cooling and nutritional fruit Watermelon Mint Juice Recipe Ingredients  Watermelon Lime juice Mint leaves Place everything in a blender and blend until smooth Coconut water It is also sweet in taste and has a cooling effect on the body Lemonade According to Ayurveda Lemons have a sour taste and hot in potency but it is good for relieving excessive thirst and improve digestion so if you are

Breathing Exercise For Kids

Kids Yoga Breathing Exercise Sequences Yoga has a tremendous power to build confidence and building a connection to your breath is the foundation practice of yoga. Deep breath tells your body and brain to relax, reduce anxiety and promote happiness Breathing exercise helps them bring awareness to their five sense by deliberating focusing attention on scent, sound, visual images, and other sensory details. This enhance memory, creativity, problem-solving skills. It's very challenging to teach kids how to do breathing exercises. In this blog, I am describing some of very easy breathing exercise sequence which you can do with your kids. Flower breath Imagine a beautiful flower in front of you See all the colors in your mind Now bring the flower close to you and imagine you are smelling the scent Now breath out through your mouth Take at least 5 round Candle breath Imagine you holding a candle in front of you When you breathe out like you want to make candle flam wiggle, don’t want to