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Akshitarpan (Eyes Rejuvenation Therapy)

Synonym:- Tarpan, Netra Tarpan, Netra Basti Netra tarpan means nourishment of eyes. Among all senses' organ, eyes are said to be the best and most important. Netra Basti is an effective ayurvedic treatment for rejuvenating and nourishing. In ayurveda we find the concept of chakshushya and many food items, medicine and procedures are written for eye care. Tarpan is an efficient therapy of ayurvedic eye care. The phrase Akshitarpana (Netra basti) is from Sanskrit where Akshi refers to Netra (Eye) and tarpana stands for nourishment. What is akshitarpan Akshi Tarpana is a unique procedure in Ayurveda, A wall is constructed with the paste prepared from Yava (barley) and Masha (black gram) around eye socket– Resembling a well to a height of two Angula –finger breadth,where herbal infused Ghrta (ghee) is placed over the eyes for a specific period of time. The herb-infused ghee nourishes and strengthens the eyes. It is brimhana in nature . Akshitarpan is done in following condition. Na