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Early morning sneeze(allergy)

Morning sneeziness in Ayurveda

Some people who allergic to pollen or morning mist or dust, get continuous sneezing early in the morning. Since morning is the time when pollen count often their highest point. this is called allergic rhinitis 

Allergic rhinitis   --
It is the response that your immune system is giving to certain allergens.

when you come to the contact of allergen,
 the body makes antibodies to fight the allergen, and the antibodies bind to mast cells. Allergen crosslink them and release powerful chemical like histamine.histamin is the cause of sneezing, running nose  

As per Ayurveda morning sneeziness
According to Ayurveda Sneezing is a natural urge we should not suppress it.
Ayurveda considers morning sneezing is a Kapha dominant, Vata associated symptoms.
As morning time is Kapha's dominating time (7 am to 10 am) so Kapha Dosha is aggravated. Sneezing is the symptoms of a Vata imbalance.

Treatment in Ayurveda
Line of treatment should be Pacifying Kapha – Vata, dosha
  1. Medication
    1. Nimberananysdi tablets
    2. Sitopladi churn
  2. Nasyam
    1. Practice Nasya daily means put 1 or 2 drops of oil in each nostril (medicated oil for Nasya anu-taila , shadbindu tail or sesame oil(Vata pacifying oil)
Some home remedies for a treat this morning sneeziness

  • Tulsi
    • boil one cup of water with 3-4 Tulsi leaves and drink it or you can eat 3-4 tulsi leaves in the early morning, it is advised that don’t chew leaves just try to swallow it.
    • You can have tulsi ginger tea in early morning
  • Black pepper
    • Black pepper is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and natural cough suppressant
    • Black pepper can be taken  mixed with honey
    • Black pepper can be used with soup and salad
  • Turmeric
    • turmeric is the best anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial. so try to include in your daily diet
    • Take turmeric tea in the night time
    • Try to take one teaspoon  turmeric powder daily with water
  • Amla
    • Amla is good for beating any kind of allergies and also a good source of vitamins-c and boosts our immune system.
Diet and lifestyle
  • Drink warm water early morning it will pacify your aggravated Kapha dosha
  • splash water in your eyes early morning, it will help to remove any allergen near and around the eyes. 
  • Chew one Black cardamom daily, this spice will help you to get rid of sneezing.
  • Avoid fried and heavy food, as they can slow down your digestion
  • Avoid dairy as its Kapha aggravated food
  • Daily practice yoga and breathing exercise pranayama 


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